Miss Ava Pearl

March 01, 2014  •  2 Comments

Meet Miss Ava Pearl.

I was fortunate enough to be chosen to photograph this beautiful baby girl. Her arrival into this world was well anticipated after her parents waited many years to welcome her into their lives and complete their family.

Her Auntie was gracious enough to provide a house for us to meet and have the photo shoot as the parents and myself live on opposite sides of the city. The shoot went so well with Ava sleeping soundly until her feed-time came and like clock-work she was ready for it! But when that was completed she settled back down and the dream newborn shoot continued surrounded by family and friends!

Thank you again Laura and Jason for allowing me to share this precious time with you and Ava.

I hope you enjoy these images now and for the years to come.



Jeffrey Young(non-registered)
Your photos of baby Ava Pearl are wonderful!
Please allow me to display the first one it on my blog together with your "Secret Garden".
I will definitely tell your name and will give a link to your website. Best to you!
Absolutely stunning/baby looks comfortable and very content/these are the moments i love to see
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